When “Bad” News Isn’t So Bad

The not-so-good news is that one of the agents who recently reviewed my manuscript didn’t feel that Autumn in Vermont was ready for representation by their company at this time.  The good news is that she was kind enough to offer some great constructive suggestions to help make my book more marketable.

The other good news is that she felt I had talent and would one day become published.  This is music to an aspiring author’s ears!  It gives me hope that this passion of mine might not just be a shot in the dark, some unattainable, out-of-reach dream.  And, hopefully, this will be what I can look back on, to draw inspiration from, on those late nights when I’m ready to pull my hair out and can’t seem to get the next chapter down on paper (uh…actually make that computer).  So…it’s quiet possibly back to the drawing board on this one.


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