The Art of Avoidance

A 300 plus page novel waiting for an agent.  A second novel in the works waiting for its literary composer to help it take shape, to bring it to life.  A dilly-dallier.  A procrastinator.  A weaver of words, too terrified that the tapestry she is creating will not be worthy of display.  An artist waiting for everything to unravel.

Even now, as I write this post, I am aware that I have , if only semi-consciously, been devising means by which I can delay my own creativity.  What book would I like to read next?  What bills need to be paid?  What recipe should I try for the pork roast I purchased for dinner next week?  Things that are so far away from where I really long to be.  Anything, it would seem, to avoid the task at hand.

Even with the novel I have already completed, I have successfully managed to avoid sending queries to any other agents beyond the handful to whom I’ve already submitted.  Perhaps I am trying to elude any further rejection.  But, I am also avoiding any possibility of future acceptance in the process.

Fear.  Gripping and paralizing.  Trepidation preventing me from becoming who I know I am meant to be.



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2 responses to “The Art of Avoidance

  1. I know you’ve been going at this a lot longer than me but from all of the things I’ve read from other aspiring authors; I think we all go through this stage. I keep putting off writing the sequel to my finished book. Not sure why though.
    I am nervous to about sending out more queries. I would like to hear back from more before I sent out some more.
    But, for all its worth, keep your head up. Who knows, maybe someday we will be sitting at one of those fancy conferences that authors and agents go to and we will be laughing and so glad that we never gave up!

  2. christinerice

    I know, I know. And truth be told, in the realm of publication, I have not really been at it very long. It just seems that way to me because the wait is almost unbearable.

    I would love to be sitting at a writer’s conference with you talking about the days when we were “aspiring authors”! 🙂

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