Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

The latest in the Stephanie Plum series, Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, delivers the usual juiciness and robust flavor that fans have come to expect from bestselling author, Janet Evanovich.

Cover courtesy of

Cover courtesy of

Full-figured sidekick, Lula, pushes her way (in true Lula-fashion) to center stage in this story, having to dodge the bullet (well, in this case, the meat cleaver) more frequently than our all-time favorite heroine, Stephanie Plum.  Stephanie is never short on her fair share of near-mishaps though, leaving the reader laughing out loud at the antics of this beloved duo.  Hey, it’s all in the name of justice.  Well, that and a gravy boat-load of reward money!

And, who can forget Grandma Mazur?  Fans won’t be disappointed as this spunky senior definitely knows how to kick things up a notch or two whether in the kitchen or while hot on the trail of the bad guys.

Speaking of turning up the heat, we can’t leave out the yummy men in Stephanie’s life; the always hot and mysterious hunk, Ranger, or semi-sweet and spicy Trenton cop, Joe Morelli.  It’s an inevitable smorgasbord of choices, but can Stephanie have her cake and eat it too?

Rating: 5 Stars  (out of 5)


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