Eye Do, But Now Eye Don’t

Well, it would seem that after 36 years of amicably co-existing my eyes have decided to part ways. Not in the cross-eyed sense, but in the sense that they’re not working well together anymore.

They tried really hard to make a go of it, but over the past year, four separate surgical procedures between the two of them to correct retinal detachments have left me with sight that’s far less than perfect. Luckily, the goal of reattaching my retinas seems to have been met. But, in the process, it has also made it necessary to “get creative”–as my optometrist would put it–with my future options of vision correction.

I’ve worn contacts for most of my life. They still function, but not as well now that I’ve lost my ability to focus up close with my right eye and still require help with distance vision in both. I tried a number of multi-focal contact lenses to no avail. So my optometrist recently fitted me with new glasses made up of a standard lens in the left for my nearsightedness and a progressive lens, which is more or less a no-line bifocal, for my right.

Confusing? I know. Try explaining all this to my eyes.

The hope with the new glasses was that my two eyes would once again get along and learn to play well together. Unfortunately, they are much like my 13 and 7 year olds. They are, for the time being, too far apart to work well together. They just don’t have it in them.

Since Righty was left with a blindspot after the surgery, Lefty needs to step up and be the go-to guy here. Righty just seems a little too stubborn and set in her ways to let him. So they’re both competing for top dog.

How long can this go on before they re-train themselves to see as one? I’m not sure if it will ever happen.

It’s been over two weeks and I’m still trying to adjust to the new lenses. And, much like my kids, their constant conflict gives me a headache. It also makes me feel a little drunk (and although some days they may drive me close to it, my kids have not had this effect–yet). Not falling down inebriated, but just a little tipsy.

Off kilter.

Except without the benefit of the mind-numbing feeling that comes from imbibing too much red wine. Which I might very likely accept right about now. This is frustrating to say the least.



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4 responses to “Eye Do, But Now Eye Don’t

  1. Christine…I feel your pain! I don’t have the retina issues you have, but my eyes decided to stop “playing well together” about two years ago. I am also near-sighted enough that I require a very strong prescription (different for each eye, of course) for contacts. Because the new stronger ones were more expensive, my eye doctor had me experimenting with different strengths of temporary lenses before ordering the permanent ones. I got so confused, I basically threw my hands up and went back to my old lenses, which were working fine in my opinion!

    I also need to wear reading glasses with my contacts to see anything small (kind of defeats the purpose of contacts, doesn’t it?)…

    Hope your problem works itself out soon!


  2. Christine,

    I’m sorry to hear about your eye problems. I cannot imagine having to go through what you have. My vision problem is odd in that one eye is near-sighted and the other far-sighted. Yet in light of your struggles, mine pale in comparison.

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