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Pressing Issues (or ways I’m distracting myself from writing)

Last week it was preparing myself for my first mini-marathon. The week before, maybe it was Halloween or my oldest daughter’s school trip to Washington DC.

Whatever the reason, I seem to be finding more and more things to place in my own way and to not write. It’s not that I don’t have the time. Right now, time is the one thing I do have. More eye troubles and another recent eye surgery have forced me to take a time-out, in fact.

No running, no work. No bending, no lifting. No cleaning. No sleeping on my right side. Surprisingly, I am allowed to drive, but seriously, where would I go and what would I do with all these restrictions and a black eye? Until Wednesday, at least, there’s tons of things I can’t do.

I can, however, sit for seemingly endless hours at my leisure while life goes on around me, not entirely uninterrupted, but as close as it’s gotten to it in a very long time.

So, what am I doing with the hours between sleeping and eating and checking in with the family every so often?

Reading mostly.

My spot on the waiting list at our local library for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson came at a very unopportune time. I’m halfway through the nearly 500 page story and I’m hooked. I also have the next one in the series, The Girl Who Played with Fire, waiting in the wings. I only hope the third one is available soon after I’ve finished with the other two.

Larsson was a brilliant writer who died shortly after delivering his three manuscripts for publishing. It’s unfortunate that he was unable to realize the full extent of the brilliant writing career that he so deserved. It makes me wonder if he, too, ever put off his writing in favor of other things. Or did he keep at it, day in and day out, until he was finally able to present something worthy of catching the eye of the right person at the right time? Something every writer dreams of.

So, what’s stopping me from realizing my dream? That’s a big question.


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Baby, I was Born to Run

Every muscle in my body, well, at least in my lower half, is screaming at me. But the only thing I hear is the constant reminder of “I did it…I Did It…I REALLY DID IT!!!”

I ran in my first mini-marathon yesterday. More importantly, I finished it. For those of you who don’t know just how crazy this is, it’s a half of a marathon’s distance. Thirteen point one miles to be exact. And the fact that this took place in Indiana in November makes it seem even more crazy that I would even attempt it.

I hate the cold!

And it was cold…thirty degrees when we started out at 8 am, me in nothing but running tights, a pair of knee length shorts and two thin, moisture-wicking long sleeve shirts. I also had on running gloves for most of the time and a hat. As cold as it felt at first, I’m glad I opted for no jacket because by mile one, I was warming up. Some brave souls started out in far less; tank tops, short-shorts, one man barefoot! Others lost various articles of clothing at points along the way. There were shirts and jackets flying here, ear muffs and hats lobbed over a crowd of thousands in the opposite direction.

That was the other thing; the crowd. Both runners and spectators alike, were amazing. I’m usually one for the solitude, but during the race, I felt like I was in my element. Just being in the midst of it was energizing. I really got into it, whooping and hollering as we passed by the cheering crowds lined up along the streets of downtown Indianapolis. People held signs, played loud music, and shouted out encouragement as we ran past.

As I rounded the last stretch before the finish line, I have never felt so exhausted and so elated all at the same time, except for maybe after the births of my children. But this race was something I did just for me and even though nothing can compare with being a mom, I’m feeling pretty good right now. Sore muscles and all.


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