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A Year of Reflections and Resolutions

I met up with my best friend over lunch today for our annual New Year’s hopes and dreams pow-wow. It’s an excuse a chance not only for us to catch up (which we manage to do several times a month anyway) but to talk about what we hope to accomplish over the next year. It helps for me, and her too, I suppose, to say the things I’m dreaming of doing out loud to a real person. It makes me accountable to someone other than myself.

Not only does my friend refrain from looking at me as if I’ve got a few screws loose when I say I want to run 13.1 miles in the middle of November through the streets of downtown Indianapolis with several thousand strangers shedding articles of clothing, she’ll cheerfully tell me, “You can totally do that!”

It’s not that my husband won’t give me the same encouragement. He will. Eventually. But first he’ll scrunch up his face and ask me if I realize exactly how far 13.1 miles is. And then he’ll remind me that I do have four wheels that will take me just as far and faster.

In honor of our annual tradition, I decided to post my thoughts here. But, then I thought it was fitting to not only make resolutions for the upcoming year but to reflect on the past year as well.

So here goes…

2010 marks the year that I reached my weight loss goals and actually surpassed them by a couple pounds, fitting into a size I never thought I’d see again.

I discovered the joy of running and spending quality time with my other best friend.

I competed in my first of several 5k runs and a 15k and discovered a lot about myself with each step.

I was even somehow able to pull off that 13.1 and finish my first mini-marathon!

It’s not all been good though. I’ve had to withstand numerous eye surgeries and procedures, disappointments and setbacks, but I like to think I’ve done so with at least a small amount of grace and minimal self-pity.

And through it all I’ve come to realize I am truly blessed.

Now for 2011…

I want to finish at least six 5k-15k runs, plus 2 half-marathons or a half and a full. I’m allowing myself an open ended goal on this one because it has a lot to do with available events, timing and whether or not I’ll have any unavoidable down-time due to unforeseen eye issues.

I will finish the draft of Sawyer’s Bend and polish it, then stalk contact an infinite number of agents until I find one who will not take out a restraining order represent me. It would be best if this was followed by an offer from a publisher.

I will strive for continued improvements in my physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

I will work at making my home more comfortable and inviting to family and friends and in strengthening those relationships.

I will be open to new ideas and creativity.

I will be more present in all things.

I am looking forward to the New Year and to all the opportunities and blessings it has to offer, and I wish each and every one of you the same. Happy New Year!



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