Write Now

If you read my New Year’s post, you’d know that one of my goals is to “be more present in all things.”

I should heed this sound advice in my writing as well.

Over the course of developing my first two manuscripts, I found that if I immerse myself in the present writing, it comes out much more fluid and with a considerably less amount of effort. On the other hand, if I try to look too far ahead, try to gauge the outcome of a story before its had time to take its own shape, I get frustrated.

That’s when negativity sets in and takes up residence in my brain, overstaying its welcome like an annoying relative during the holidays.

I start to feel like it’s been all for naught. Like what I’ve written so far is complete garbage not even fit for the recycle bin.

I have to learn to trust my instinct and intuition more, to hope that my characters will lead me in the right direction and let the story unfold in the here and now.



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2 responses to “Write Now

  1. Ah, the familiar prose above touches my heart, as I have been there myself. Fear not, fellow colleague! Those characters will take their places, sort themselves out, and get themselves into trouble to form a well-crafted story…I have no doubt! NEVER GIVE UP!!! NEVER SURRENDER!! 😉

    That’s my two pence…
    Arial Burnz
    (aka Gina Henderson)

  2. Great advice. Although I’m not a novelist, the principle still applies. I’m going to try to resist the impulse to look too far into the future.

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