I’m not Avoiding You, I’m Avoiding Everyone

I’ve had a slightly used jug of buttermilk stashed in the back of my fridge since shortly before Christmas, marked “best by Jan. 25th.” The recipe–for a lovely, decadent, double layer red velvet cake–only called for one cup. The store only had one-quart jugs in stock.

At first, determined not to waste it, I vowed to find a few other culinary endeavors to use up the remaining buttermilk. But my abilities to dream up uses for sour milk are limited and I admittedly didn’t take the time to look up alternate recipes online. So, time marched on. And pretty soon my shame became evident as the expiration date neared.

I’m avoiding it now like the plague.

(Reading the title, you probably clicked over here thinking you’d catch up on some very good reasons why I’ve been so elusive online lately, expecting to see some humble, heartfelt apologies for why I’ve not posted since…well, since the buttermilk was only slightly past its prime, but I’ll avoid all that, too.)

I see it in there on a daily basis, relegated to the furthest point – back corner, top shelf – of my refrigerator. It’s to the point now that I’m really terrified to open it in order to dump the contents down the sink and to rinse out the jug. In my estimation, whatever soured milk turns into once its crossed over, it can’t smell good.

On the other hand, I’m still feeling just guilty enough about my wastefulness that I hesitate dumping the whole thing, undisturbed, into the trashcan and forgetting about dutiful recycling, just this once.

Something’s gotta give.

What about you? Do you have seemingly easy tasks or decisions that you’d rather put off? Come on, don’t ignore me! I’m right here and I’m not going away, so you might as well share! Hello? Are you avoiding me?





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3 responses to “I’m not Avoiding You, I’m Avoiding Everyone

  1. I never buy buttermilk, Christine…if you want to make regular milk sour, just add a teaspoon or two of vinegar or lemon juice!

    I avoid things all the time…right now I’m avoiding taxes!


  2. Christine Rice

    Wendy, I’ve heard that. I’ll admit, though, I’ve been too leery to try it with this recipe since every time I try to substitute or skimp on brands, the cake seems to suffer for it. So I “avoid” changing it up, especially since it’s a once a year holiday treat. Maybe I’ll make it again off-season and try the substitution then. Thanks for the idea!

    PS–I think catching up on blogs is an excellent way to avoid taxes!

  3. Christine Rice

    Update: The good news is that I finally worked up the nerve to toss out the buttermilk, jug and all, a few days after this initial post. It happened when I caught my oldest daughter daring my youngest to open it up and take a whiff. I couldn’t allow the temptation of the double-dog-dare, which would’ve undoubtedly followed and may have involved ingesting some of it!

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