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Creativity–A Precious Resource

Three months? Really?! I cannot believe I’ve neglected my blog (as sporadic as it was anyway) for nearly 3 months!

I honestly don’t see how other writers do it…working on a novel (or two at a time…guilty!) and find both the time and, more importantly, the creativity to sustain a blog worthy of readership. When I’m in the middle of writing a book (3 years now, but who’s counting), I eat, sleep, breathe the characters. I’m constantly working and reworking the plot line. In the shower, while reading, doing laundry, dishes, while I’m running, while laying in bed until the wee hours trying to get some sleep. It’s even occasionally been known to filter into my dreams. Every creative bone in my body is fine-tuned to my story.

I take short breaks from it, sure. Once in awhile I have to step back, let things rest for a bit so I hopefully gain some prospective, but usually only for a few days. Then, I’m back at it.

So, how do other writers find it possible to write, say a novel, and to come up with blog material, sometimes on a daily basis? I’d like to know!



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